Mesmerize your viewers with our sizzle reels.

Sizzle reels are
3-5 minute videos that combine visuals, audio and messaging to create a fast-paced, stylized overview of a product, or service.

Ready to finally tell your story in a captivating and attention-grabbing way?

The Griffin Group . Expert has been fluidly weaving together sizzle reels, product and business videos, hosting reels and trailers for over 100 clients—such as Google, Verizon, Playstation—and NY Times bestselling author J. Randy Taraborrelli.

Our videos are guaranteed to be compelling—to keep your audience engaged from beginning to end. Here’s how we earn your trust in our services:

Features from our services

  • We develop a strong and unforgettable campaign message.

    Whether it's your mama's favorite lasagna recipe, legal advice, or medical opinion we develop videos that sizzle!

  • We work with top-of-the-line camera equipment and lighting gear.

    This ensures your videos will carry over the same quality as it does on big screens to the smallest of screens.

  • We position you as the expert.

    Your videos will not only tell your story, but influence viewers to take an action whether it be buying your product or saying “Yes!” to your demo.


"Cathy's energy and unique creativity will bring your business to a whole new level."

Sanda Moldovan Sanda Moldovan DDS, MS, CNS THE DOCTORS TV Show's Go-to Oral Health Expert

"They are in a lane all on their own — they executed non-traditional media strategies effectively and consistently."

Howard C. Samuels Howard C. Samuels Founder & CEO
The Hills Treatment Center

Online video is expected to grow 55% this year.

Video is the TOP way to market your business. Let's talk.


"Traditional press releases are a relic of the past. Cathy's integration of video pitching in her press releases attracts attention from tv producers — like me — whose inboxes are jammed with old school, wordy pitches. Cathy's been a television journalist so she knows we want to see whether her clients can come across credibly on camera."

Elizabeth Ford Elizabeth Ford TV News Producer

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The Making of 'Becoming Beyonce' Book Promo

Publicity Trailer Publicity Trailer

Client Sizzle Reel Client Sizzle Reel

Video Pitch Video Pitch

Promo Teaser Promo Teaser

Digital Press Release Digital Press Release

Digital Press Release Digital Video Release


"My 18th book, "Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story," received more global attention than any of my other 14 New York Times bestsellers. The Griffin Group . Expert delivered an amazing digital dimension to my book promotion. My readers can connect to me and the many people who shared their stories with me in a very personal way now. Cathy, John and Ashton produced a sophisticated video marketing product for me that's unbeatable."

J Randy Taraborrelli J Randy Taraborrelli NY Times bestselling author J. Randy Taraborrelli

Meet Our Experts

Cathy Griffin

Cathy Griffin

Cathy Griffin is a tv writer, producer and author. She has decades of experience running an independent international news bureau.

Her career broadly spans verticals including print and broadcast journalism, investigative research, media consulting, publicity and multi-media marketing.

John Wilbers

John Wilbers

John Wilbers is professional Director of Photography in Los Angeles, CA. He shoots for Google, Verizon, Playstation, MasterCard, FOX Studios, as well as 100's of other top of the line companies.

His passion and goal is to make you, and/or your product, look even better than you had envisioned it on the big and/or small screen.

Ashton Bingham

Ashton Bingham

Ashton Bingham is an editor in Los Angeles, CA, and has been editing since he was old enough to hold a camera. From extensive experience editing feature films, short films, commercials/promos, pilots, trailers, and sizzle reels, he has an exceptional eye for technical precision and visual exhilaration.

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